What time is church on?


Contemporary service, communion on each 3rd Sunday, with Sunday school during school terms, and followed by morning tea.

The People’s Church (This congregation is predominantly indigenous people.)

Other regular events

Growth Groups meet in homes during the week; call Tim 0412 286 450 for details.

Men's Breakfast 3rd (approx.) Saturday of the month.

GLO - girls, ladies and others - meets aproximately the third weekend of each month. Please call for details.

Synod motions give clarity

At the Diocesan synod held 8-9 October the following motion was passed without dissent.

That in light of recent statements attributed to Anglican leaders regarding human sexuality, this Synod
1. Reaffirms the Bible as our final authority on all matters, including human sexuality;
2. Recognises the 1998 Lambeth Resolution 1.10 as consistent with biblical teaching on human sexuality, namely that the only biblically sanctioned expression of human sexuality is in marriage between a man and a woman.
3. Calls on Anglican leaders everywhere to uphold the plain meaning of the Bible on human sexuality,
4. requests that the Bishop conveys this resolution to the wider Anglican community: Archbishop of Canterbury, Secretary of Anglican Consultative Council and the Diocesan Bishops of Australia and others as the Bishop sees fit.

Moved: Tim Mildenhall, Broome
Seconded: Philip Knight, Port Hedland

In case it wasn’t clear before Synod, now, publicly, the Diocese has declared its position.

The debate was marked by a deep concern for those who struggle with sin of all kinds, but particularly sexual sin. This recent piece from Albert Mohler was read in part and was very moving.

In addition, the following motion urged support for the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans. Lachlan and Bec who presented the motion were attendees at GAFCON in 2008.

Motion 6-6
That this synod recognises the valuable work of the ‘Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans” (FCA) in upholding the Jerusalem Declaration and their support of disaffiliated parishes within the Anglican communion. This synod encourages individuals and parishes to become members of the FCA.

Moved by Lachlan Edwards
Seconded by R. Edwards

Let me encourage you to investigate the work of FCA and join if it’s appropriate for you.

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